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Selected Repertoire

"Repertoire selection for an ensemble is one of the most important choices a conductor makes during the year. The repertoire becomes the curriculum for that ensemble."

John A. Thomson

Below is a list of music literature that I've conducted with my ensembles.


Click on selected music below to view the videos. 

Harris Middle School Band 

2012 - 2016

Spania by David Shaffer

First Winter Sleigh Ride by John O'Reilly

A Christmas Hymn by Robert W. Smith

Buglers Holiday arr. Paul Cook

Santa's Toy March by Sean O'Loughlin

Two Chorales by Fred Eager

Canon of Peace by Paul Jennings

Hark! The Harold Trumpet Swing by Mark Williams

Court Festival arr. Bruce Pearson

Boomerang Blues by Timothy Loest

Classics Bits & Pieces arr. Michael Story

Brentwood Pass by Jerry Williams

Marches of the Armed Forces

Overture and Shaker Tune by John Highins

The Battle Pavane Tielman Susato arr. Bob Margolis

Midnight Escape by Larry Neeck

Train Heading West by Timothy Broege

Jefferson County Overture by John O'Reilly

Gypsydance by David Holsinger

Chant and Tribal Dance by David Shaffer

William Tale Overture by Gioachino Rossini


Cold  Mountain Sega by Larry Clark


A Childhood Hymn by David Holsinger


LaVergne High School Band

2016 - Present 

The Headless Horseman by Timothy Broeg

Christmas Processional by John Kinyon

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer by Johnny Marks

Llywn Onn by Brian Hogg

Winter Winds by Randall D. Standridge

Proud Spirits by James Swearingen

The Seal Lullaby by Eric Whitacre

Things that Go Bump In the Nigh by Philip Sparke

Yorkshire Ballad by James Bearnes

Knight of the Royal Realm by Robert W. Smith

Christmas Bells Medley by Lloyd Conley

*Malaguena arr Mike Story

*Work Song by Nat Adderley/Mike Dana

*A Charlie Brown Christmas by Paul Murtha

*Grove Merchant by Jerome Richardson

*At The Oasis by Andy Farber

*Here's That Rainy Day by Johnny Burke/James Van Heusen

*Crablegs by Jay Chattaway

*La Bamba arr. Paul Jennings

*What is Hip arr. Paul Murtha 

*Minnie the Moocher arr. Ralph Ford

*Do Nothin' Til You Here From Me arr. Paul Cook

*Downtown Tango by Rick Hirsch

The Pit and the Pendulum by Michael Story

Prelude and Fugue in D Minor Trans R.L Moehlmann

Through Darkened Sleepy Hollow by Erik Morales

Air For Band by Frank Erickson

American Overture by Joseph Willcox Jenkins

Christmas Carol On Parade arr. Larry Clark

All I Want for Christmas Is You arr. Michael Brown

White Christmas arr. John Edmondson

Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24 arr. Phillips & Megaw

Festa! by Elliot A Del Borge

Creed by William Himes

Fanfare For a New Era by Mark Williams

Salvation Is Created by Bruce Houseknecht

Sure on this Shinning Night arr. Richard Saucedo 

Ammerland by Jacob de Haan

Aces of the Air arr. James Swearingen

Northwind by Carl Strommen

Mars arr. Johnnie Vinson

Moana arr. Jay Bocook

The Incredibles by Michael Giacchino

The Avengers arr. Longfield

Theme from the Game of Thrones arr. Michael Brown

This Is Me arr. Larry More

Midnight Escape by Larry Neeck

From Coco -Remember Me arr. Johnnie Vinson

Pokemon by Paul Martha

Into the Storm by Robert W. Smith

Pronto by William Pitts

Halo 3 arr. Michael Story

Kingdom Hearts Theme (Hikari) arr. Michael Story

Minecraft arr. Ralph Ford

With Each Sunset by Richard Saucedo

Counterbalance by Todd Stalter 

Fanfare for the Third Planet by Richard Saucedo

Echoes by Samuel R. Hazo

With Zeal Unceasing by Todd Stalter

Allied Honor March arr. James Swearingen

Hope Spring Eternal by Andrew Poor

Overture for Education by Joshua A. Idio

As Winds Dance by Samuel R. Hazo

Impact! by Sean O'Loughlin

Reverberation by Brian Balmages 


Gypsydance by David Holsinger

Brentwood Pass by Jerry Williams

The Lion King arr. Paul Lavender

Rage by Randall Standridge

*Lil Hefty by Zachary Smith 

*Cumbia Mix arr. R.Callahan

Sussex Mummers Christmas Carol by Percy Grainger Arr. Larry Clark

SeaGate Overture by James Swearingen

Break Through by Mark Lortz

The Machines Awakens 

Ambush by Dekota Pederson

*Gravity by John Mayer Arr. R. Callahan

Through The Storm by JaRod Hall

Fireball by Brian Beck 

*All Blues by Miles Davis arr. Michael Sweeney

My Favorite Things with Fanfare arr. Mario Warren


*Ella Baila Sola by Peso Pluma arr. R.Callahan

*This Christmas by Donny Hathaway arr. Mario Warren

Valley Forge March by John Edmondson 

Gem City Fanfare by Todd Stalter

Dawn of a New Day by James Swearingen

Blue by Robert W. Smith 

Urban Dances by Eric Morales

*Pots and Pan by David Berger 

*I Say a Little Prayer by Dionne Warwick arr. R. Callahan

*You Don't Want to Go to War by Rebirth Brass Band, arr. R.Callahan

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